For the X-Perts, Call X-Tech

X-Tech Computer (Pty) Ltd provides innovative and efficient technology customized for your business. If your business is looking for general Information Technology (IT) support for current equipment and software, or looking to upgrade your office to a modern and efficient solution, X-Tech Computers can manage it. We provide solutions such as: • General software and hardware support • Designing office solutions that create operational and financial savings • Server and infrastructure solutions • Software integration support, ensuring software works with your computers/servers • Storage and data backup solutions • Secure wireless and remote location access to your office • Printers, copiers, and TV solutions to improve employee and customer experience • IT Companies South Africa Advantages X-Tech is unique to businesses in that we provide customized solutions and support for multiple types of businesses. We have experience in leasing storage space that is remote and secure for field staff to access critical business files to designing, installing, and managing complete office solutions that integrate TV's with computers and servers for increased communication.


X-Tech Computer will: •Discuss your business objectives and concerns •Identify all hardware and software currently in your business •Create an inventory of hardware and software •Determine several office solutions based on your business objectives and concerns •Install the solution with minimal interruption to your business •Support your business throughout the term of your contract X-Tech Computer can create a schedule of replacement equipment (computers, servers, TV's, etc.) that will always be up-to-date and work with your business software Specialities Every business is different. X-Tech Computer has experience working with companies in the following areas: •Financial •Corparate •Retail •Dental •Medical •Legal •Property •Small business professional •Schooling •courier •Radio •Architect •Tour •Jewelry & More Understanding the software and technology used in these businesses helps us create more efficient solutions. We pride ourselves on catering to your business and supporting your business with friendly staff that are easy to talk to, and will listen to your concerns. The best way to serve your business, is to understand your business. That's what we're good at.

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